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BP Investments is proud to be a national provider of Direct Marketing and Data Solutions.

Our vision: To provide our clients easy access to every compiled mailing list available in America.

Whether you are a high volume mailing list user or a first time mailer we have the solution for your direct marketing campaign.

It's never been easier to find people to buy your goods and services.

We provide the most up to date, comprehensive lists on the market.

BP Investments always pulls its data from a variety of sources so you get an unbiased opinion and synergistic effect.

Fill out the form below regarding the type of list, select the geographic area you want to target and click on the "Submit Form" button. As soon as we receive your inquiry, one of our List Specialists will begin locating the perfect list for you. You will be contacted within 24 hours with our results.

Occupant Lists
Occupant Lists are perfect when you want to saturate an area. These lists include all the addresses in a specific geographic area, usually selected by ZIP Code or SCF (first three digits in a ZIP Code).

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Life Style
Lists that contain groupings of prospects that have recently changed some aspect of their life-style, creating new needs and opening more to marketing opportunities.

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New Movers Lists
New Home Owners Lists
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Affluent Consumers & Responsive Investors
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Consumer Lists
Consumer lists contain name and address information for over 83 million households in the U.S. These lists are a compilation of every known resident in a specified area (SCF, ZIP Code or County).

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Business Lists
Business Lists incorporate important data about the 10 million businesses in the United States. Ordered by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), these lists are ideal for business-to-business marketing.

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